What in the World is a Waterless Car Wash?


By Walter the WashPro

So What is it?

A waterless car wash is a wash that is both eco-friendly and efficient. These car washes can also be called “spray-on car wash”, or “no-water car wash.” They use little to no water at all, counteracting the 100 gallons of water wasted in a traditional car wash. They’re a great alternative to traditional car washes, and have a much lower carbon footprint

How Does a Waterless Car Wash Work?

An eco-friendly waterless solution is sprayed onto the car to break down and lift any dirt and particles on the vehicle. After that, a micro fiber towel is used to remove all the debris and spray, leaving the car shining finish! It’s that simple.

Myths About Waterless Car Washes

There are many myths circulating around that these car washes don’t really help the environment at all due to the chemicals they contain. However, this isn’t true. If you go to a reputable company such as WashMyWhip, there will be no harmful chemicals in the sprays used. As long as the spray doesn’t contain any VOCs, and labeled eco-friendly, then it’s safe! Most waterless car washes use an ingredient called surfactants, which is completely organic and natural.

Wouldn’t Hand Washing Your Car in Your Driveway Be Better?

Another common myth about washing cars is that it’s better to just do it yourself in your driveway. This is almost as bad as traditional car washes! Home car washes still use lots of water, anywhere from 20-80 gallons of water per wash. Especially if you have a high-powered hose that gushes out large amounts of water. When you wash your car at home, you are also likely to use harmful detergents and soaps full of chemicals that will leach into the soil. Those detergents are very bad for the environment, and not natural at all. Going to a waterless car wash is a much better option.

Impact on The Environment

Waterless car washes are the most eco-friendly option out there for washing your car. They use little to no water, and have a very low carbon footprint. The car is sprayed and cleaned entirely by hand, eliminating the need for extensive machinery with harmful emissions, which is amazing for the environment! Even the spray used is made with natural ingredients, not harsh chemicals that can harm the Earth.

Effect on The Vehicle

Waterless car washes clean vehicles just as well, if not better than traditional car washes do! They don’t scratch the vehicle or ruin the paint. They also don’t carry dirt from previous vehicles onto the vehicles that they are cleaning. Waterless car washes such as WashMyWhip use a formula that acts as a natural sealant, which protects the car’s paint from harmful UVB and UVA rays. The formula also contains a natural type of wax (Brazilian Carnauba Wax) which when rubbed off, leaves a bright and polished exterior.


There are so many overall benefits to choosing a waterless car wash. The biggest benefit is how much you will be helping the environment. Choosing to go to a waterless car wash automatically lowers your carbon footprint. If you are trying to change things you do in your lifestyle to protect the environment instead of damage it, choosing to go to a waterless car wash is a major one! Most people get their car washed at least once a month, so by choosing to go to a waterless car wash, one person will potentially be saving 1200 gallons of water a year. It also benefits your vehicle, because it protects the paint, and doesn’t use any harmful chemicals or materials that damage your vehicle in the long run. In turn, this saves you money. So not only are waterless car washes good for the environment, they’re also great for your vehicle and your wallet.


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