How To Remove A Sticky Adhesive From A Vehicle


By Shana Robinson

Step-by-Step Guide to Removing Stickers from a Vehicle

When it comes to getting a car looking as presentable as possible, you need to be able to remove any stickers that may have come with it. Although this can be difficult, it’s far from impossible. Keep in mind that bumper stickers in particular are made to stay where they’ve been put, so removing them can be a challenge. By following this step-by-step guide, you should be able to remove any sticker from a vehicle.


1.Gather materials.

Before you get started, you need to make sure you have everything you’ll need to remove the sticker. Having everything on hand will help make the process move much more quickly.

Here is the list of things that you will need to remove a sticker from a vehicle:

– Hair dryer. Make sure it has hot air settings as you will be using this to heat the glue on the sticker.

– Razor blade, steel wool or box cutter. This is what you will use to remove stickers from glass. NEVER use a razor blade, steel wool or box cutter for stickers that are on paint since they will damage your paint.

– Plastic card. This can be any card like a credit card, but since it could be ruined in the process, it’s best to use an old card that’s expired or else one that’s easy to replace.

– Tree sap remover. This works incredibly well for removing stubborn glue residue after you’ve gotten most of the sticker off.

– Rags or towels. Be sure they’re clean and soft to avoid scratching the surface of the paint while scrubbing with them.

– Glass cleaner. This is only if you are removing stickers from glass, as you’ll use this after you’re done getting a sticker off your car’s glass to get your window perfectly clean.

– Quick detailing spray. This is what you’ll use to get the part of your car where the sticker was perfectly clean after the sticker has been removed.



2.Wash the area.

The best time to remove a sticker is right after a car wash because your whole car will be clean. But, if you don’t have time to wash the entire car, then you can just wash the sticker itself and the area around the sticker to remove any dirt and grime. We recommend waterless washing, which you can find out more about by visiting our website.


3.Heat the sticker.

You’ll now use the hair dryer on the highest setting to begin to heat the sticker so the glue on the back will melt and be significantly easier to remove. Be sure to always keep the hair dryer several inches from the sticker because putting it directly against the sticker or your car’s paint can damage the paint. You’ll also need to keep the hair drying in motion to avoid over-heating one area which can also cause paint damage.

Start in the center of the sticker, and then slowly move in circles towards the outside edges of the sticker. It’s important to heat the outside edges last so that they’re the warmest when you start on the next step.


4.Scrape off the sticker.

If the sticker is on paint, you’ll use the plastic card or your fingernails for this step. Hold the card at an angle and begin at one of the edges, moving it back and forth while pressing gently but firmly until the card slides under the edge of the sticker.

If the sticker is on glass, you’ll use the razor blade, box cutter, or steel wool. You’ll need to hold the blade at an angle very close to the glass to get it under the sticker, and move it back and forth slightly. You can use more pressure with a blade against glass than you can with the card on the paint, but should still be careful not to damage the vehicle.

It’s common for stickers to be difficult to remove so you may need to go back to the previous step and apply more heat if you feel like the glue is not allowing the sticker to come off easily. You will probably also have to remove the sticker in pieces as it’s normal for it to tear at this point, so stick with it and don’t give up.


5.Remove any residue.

For stickers on paint, if there’s any glue residue that was left behind once you got the actual sticker off, you can continue to use the hair dryer to heat it and the plastic card to scrape it off. If that’s not working, use a few drops of the tree sap remover with one of the clean rags or towels to scrub it off.

For stickers on glass, any remaining residue should be removed with the razor blade or box cutter.


6.Clean beneath the sticker.

Once the sticker has been removed from the car’s paint, you’ll need to use a bit of the car detailing spray to polish the area where the sticker was. This will help seal off any microscopic scrapes that may have happened in the removal process and will help protect that area since there may not be any car polish left on that part of your car.

When you’ve completely removed a sticker from glass, then go ahead and use a bit of glass cleaner on that part of the window to make sure there’s no dirt or grime left in that area.


Disclaimer: Although we are writing this in good faith that you will be able to safely remove any sticker from a car using this method, we also cannot be responsible for any damages that may occur when following these directions.

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